Legendary Jb Custom Action Figure

It’s been  a long journey getting to this point of making Legendary JB. I have been planning this since December finally fishing up on the piece about 2 weeks ago.


Legendary JB uses a base action figure body with everything else being custom from the modelled 3d printed to the clothing and shoes.

JB’s Head went thru 6 iterations before i settled on the right scale for the action figure body, it was then printed along with custom opening at bottom to connect to action figure’s body, soon after I primed and painted the head and hair then varnished it to protect the paint from chipping. The head itself is flexible rubber for durability to not break apart etc over time.


The Clothes were also made along with custom graphics embedded into fabric using a form of dye sublimation for permanent stay power on the fabric itself like a regular normal screened t-shirt.


  • Dimensions: 3″ wide x 12″ tall

the Box

The package was designed by me and made by me, I wanted this action figure or any prints i make to feel like an actual product you buy from a store and then some,Legendary JB’s box is a first for me package design wise which I think is unique personally, it has a design outside as well as inside the box, I am very happy how that turned out and may continue this trend on other future projects. Ultimately i want the person receiving the items to feel like they are getting something really special in their hands.




the Delivery

The box was sent out to Coolkicks and Jon aka Legendary JB received his One of One action figure, you can see the video below for that moment, Overall this project has elevated me to thinking more outside the box (no pun intended lol) for future projects. excited to see whats next. so watch this space for future works – Till Next time, MadStyle.