Ok, Headlamps came in, like everyone figured including me these lamps are made for the Grand Touring model via pigtail connector that connects to stock pigtail on car. Now these lamps are using aftermarket bulbs and ballasts and are wired such a way that they get power from the pigtail connector. Low beam is a D2H Hid bulb with wire connected to an integrated ballast which is wired to connector to plug into car, High beams is an H7 bulb also wired to powered up by connector..

A buddy was looking at it, it should be a simple rewiring of the aftermarket lamp to match the Sports and Touring model connector for low beam and High beam and parking light, we will find out soon. So at the moment do not buy these for your Sport or Touring models, but it may be a simple rewiring that can fix this problem.

The LED DRL is standalone, meaning it connects directly to battery with it’s own wiring module and has 1 white wire which acts like a ON switch for it, meaning this 1 white wire will need to be connected to the high beam wiring as well so when DRL kicks in on the Sports and Touring model it will turn on the LED hopefully.

Build quality issolid on the lamp as far as I can tell, the LED DRL is freaking nice in person and BRIGHT!! Only thing I am worried about though is the integrated ballasts, looks cheap IMO, other than that headlamp is nice though.