Hyperion on OpenELEC. It works!

by MadStyle on March 6, 2014

After my short journey with boblight on OpenELEC that ended up tragically 😉 I gave OpenELEC-Hyperion a try. First I thought it would not be possible (no apt-get, most of the file system read only), but these smart guys from Hyperion managed to make the installation process easy and quick. Most importantly, it works perfectly in opposite to boblight.

Generally Hyperion wiki gives you proper how-to, but we will enrich the description with some details that can be helpful for total beginners.


First step is to check if there is SSH and SAMBA enabled. Go to System->OpenELEC->Services:
Enable SSH – ON
Disable SSH Password – OFF


Enable SAMBA – ON
Use Samba Password Authentication – OFF


Also go to Programs (from main XBMC screen) and verify that there are NO boblight plug-ins installed. If there are any, uninstall them.


Now you need to connect to your RPi via SSH

Login: root Password: openelec

Now you are ready to start installation by executing the following commands:

curlgethttps://raw.github.com/tvdzwan/hyperion/master/bin/install_hyperion.sh > hyperion_install.sh

You are almost done. Now, what you need to do is to upload hyperion.config.json into /storage/.config/ , but before you do that, you need to make sure that there is one section added (if already exists, should be modified). In the “effects” section you should add/modify path to reflect right OpenELEC directory.

Now it is time to upload the config file. With Samba enabled you can use Widows Explorer to access the OpenELEC SD card.
Go to: \ where is your RPi IP address

and copy file from your hard disk into OpenELEC directory.

Restart RPi and enjoy! It looks really good.

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